Monte Waldi’s Ethos


• We are an inclusive school in the true sense of the word: we can accommodate children who are gifted, those that fit into the mainstream educational system, children with Cerebral palsy,

Rett syndrome, Charge syndrome, Down syndrome,

Turner syndrome, Autism spectrum disorder, ADHD,

Angelmans syndrome .... and many more. We aim to accommodate any child under the age of 12 years.


•We found that happy children are eager to learn and inevitably will do so, therefore, the learner's emotional welbeing and happiness is extremely important to us. It must be a second home, or granny’s house...a place a child wants to be. In addition, Self-confidence is of utmost importance to us.


•A child with a high IQ and no self-confidence will find it extremely difficult to succeed in life let alone achieve his/her true potential. It

is our view that children with lower IQ and even barriers to his/her learning, yet a bountiful self-belief and inherent confidence, will be sure to make a success of life.


We build the school structure to mimic the family structure, and therefore the children at Monte

Waldi become part of a family where we accept and love everyone. We aim to teach and show our Monte Waldi children empathy and acceptance as this is what our society desperately needs.

As safety is of utmost importance we ensure that are staff is trained and follow strict security protocols.



Our Philosophy


• Our primary responsibility as educators lie in adressing the intellectual and academic needs of each child and to work together as a team to meet those needs; we therefore are constantly evaluating our methods and teaching techniques, taking account the lack of motivational stimuli of many students today as well as the other external and internal factors that affect these students.

• We aim to enable our children to develop a sense of responsibility towards themselves and others in a living and caring environment.

• We demand from ourselves to make a difference in this world and will not settle for the status quo; we must always strive to improve on it and build toward a better future not only for ourselves but also for our future generations. We walk the journey of life and we insert ourselves into the lives of other people also on their respective life journeys. We try to influence them and assist them to walk that journey.


Core Values


• Positive self-image and self-worth

• Sense of achievement of individual success
• Coping with success and failure
• Respect for self and others
• Cooperation/teamwork
• Sportsmanship
• Healthy competition
• Leadership
• Creativity
• Teamwork
• Accountibilty