Dear Family, friends and students,


All of us at Montē Waldi consider it a privilege to be partners with you in developing the talents and abilities of your children. The work of preparing today's young people for the challenges of adult life is not an easy one, but it is certainly a very rewarding one.


We look forward to working with you to achieve our goals. We are all too aware that a school's strength depends on the cooperation of parents and teachers in the educational process and it is key that you share our view in this regard.


As teachers and parents, we know that our words, actions and attitudes are constantly on display and more importantly for interpretation. If we want our children to become kind and nurturing adults we must act with compassion, kindness and respect and ensure that we in fact demonstrate these quality traits on a daily basis. If we want them to appreciate beauty in art and nature, we show that we do also. Being our children's role models is both a grave responsibility and a tremendo us challenge.


We fully understand that in today's world it often not easy to raise responsible adults. As your children's first teacher, you've begun a truly challenging task. We are happy to have your family as a part of our school community; and we urge you to continue your active involvement in every facet of your children's lives. We all understand that Education does not begin at eight o'clock and end at five, nor is it an activity separate from the rest of life. At Montē Waldi, we recognize the ongoing relevance of reading and the development of proper communication skills; and appreciation of the arts; respect for the environment, the ability to cooperate with others; and habits that promote cleanlinessand good health.


As a member of the Montē Waldi community, we invite you to share in a growing process. You are and must be the most integral part of your child's years at our school.

With your participation and sincere interest shown in their daily classroom experiences and accomplishments, they will place a high value on their days at school. It is paramount that you understand that our school can be no better than parental attitude,

concern and cooperation that it has to work with. No parent wants anything less than the best for their child so do not simply depend only on others to care for their full development.


We appreciate and accept the confidence you show in us and

look forward to a wonderful school year.






Jacques Le Roux